Anderson Family | Ft. Gibson OK Photographer

Cathy and I have become good friends over this past year! She teaches my 3 year old daughter at Ft. Gibson’s school. She has taken a little bit of each of her mornings to lend a ear to all my random stories, business advice and opinions on discipline strategies. 

One day while I dropped off Sophie at Tiny Tigers, Cathy had told me she had not done a family portrait since before her youngest son was born. My mouth dropped to the floor…. and it hit me, “I must do them!” 

Her oldest son is on the verge of leaving school and this is a perfect time to get some updated family photos. The whole family was a delight to photograph! I can honestly say I was pretty nervous getting in front of three teenage boys! I’m not exactly sure how to relate since #1 I’m a mom of two kids 4 and under, and #2 I still listen to Footloose in my car (daily). Why would these boys relate enough to me to do a photo shoot!?!? 

Thankfully they were wonderful! They laughed at my jokes and gave me tons of handsome smiles. They surprised me how relaxed they were.

I was so tickled I could do this for Cathy and I hope she enjoys them as much as I think she will!




This last one is for you Cathy!Image




Elli is ONE! | Broken Arrow Family Photographer

Hey Ya’ll!!!

I got to photograph this sweet girl when she was just days old! She gave me my newborn snuggle fix I needed! LOL! Her older sister is a total riot and you can tell, just loved having a baby sister! Now, Elli is already one year old and my mind is blown on how fast that went by! Big sister is the same, has so much love for little sis!!

I’ve known their mama since high school and it’s a complete pleasure to see her be this amazing mother and raise such beautiful girls!



Happy birthday Elli!

How to prepare for your newborn session | Ft. Gibson OK Photographer

Hey Ya’ll!

This upcoming few weeks are filled with NEWBORNS! I love doing newborn sessions, they are one of my favorite types of sessions to do! So with that being said, prepping for these sessions before I arrive makes all the difference on how smoothly your session will go. I’m going to briefly list below some things you can do prior to your session to create the best environment for a sleepy baby and amazing photos! Some you might know about and others you might not….


1. First things first! Newborn shoots are done best in the first 12 days after birth. This is because baby is most flexible and sleepy during this time. I will be moving them all around and posing them naked, we want them to sleep through all of it! After that time period, baby starts to be more aware of their surroundings and wake easier.

2. I do your session in your home. Why not a studio? Because its where you are most comfortable. My goal is to make this as easy as possible for you and for you to enjoy every bit of it. I know that in the first few days of getting home from the hospital we are not wanting to get out and about so I come to you. This is your chance to take a break, relax, sit back and enjoy!

3. Turn up the heat! Prior to my arrival, turn your thermostat up just enough so that you want to shed a layer of clothing. If your uncomfortable, it is probably perfect for baby. Creating an environment that resembles the womb (warm and cozy) will help baby sleep. Its rough on us sometimes but totally worth it. Tell the husband we don’t have to run up the heating bill too much, promise! I also will bring a small heater and plenty of blankets to help as well.


4. Light, Light, Light!!! I am a natural light photographer. I need the shades open and this is key for the photos. Natural light is the most flattering and I can manipulate it well. So before I arrive, open the shade and curtains and I will take the time to walk through the home and find the best lighting and set up there.

5. Sleep! As I mentioned above, these sessions work best when baby is in a deep sleep, so prior to my arrival, do all you can to keep baby awake. We want baby nice and tired before the shoot.

6. Feed me. A full belly is a happy one! Please wait to feed baby until I arrive. I will take some time to set up and its a great time for mommy to feed baby and get them into that much loved “milk comma”.


7. Safety- This is VERY important! Actually the most important thing about my newborn session is safety. I do everything based on it. Mom and dad can help in this area during the shoot since 99% of the time there will be a hand on baby. Everyone can help!

8. Inside voices please! I say that to my kids all the time, but during the newborn sessions I will say it to the adults too! If you have family or siblings in the home during the session, I ask that everyone try to keep noise down or its a good time to ask family is head out for a bit until they are needed for photos. I will have white noise I play or soft music but that will be it. Remember, deep sleeping baby is the goal. :)

9. What do I wear? This is a common question in all my photo shoots but what does a naked newborn wear? Well, in this case it does matter what baby has on before I get there even though its coming off while I’m there. Keep diaper loose. We don’t want lines on baby’s skin from a diaper too tight. Also stick to a zip up onsie so we are not needing to pull it over baby head. For mom and dad, keep it simple. No patterns. Mom does best in a solid color camisole or knit tops. Dad will do wonders in a plain t-shirt. And children can keep it simple too (no white shirt and jeans for everyone…there is simple and then there is just plain boring).

10. Straighten up the house. Don’t worry if your house is kind of messy…I won’t get shots of your entire house. I’m not judging the pile on laundry on the couch and dishes in the sink. You just got home from the hospital. I expect it! The nursery is the only room we might want cleaned up and maybe the make the master bed for some family shots. If your not interested in those then your golden!

11. RELAX! This is fun! Your sweet little angel is only this small once and I am there to help you capture that and look back and remember how sweet and small they were. Enjoy the process! There will be pee and poo and I’m ready for it. No problem. There will be spit up…we will laugh. Don’t worry about perfection. You already created that in your child, I’m just taking the photos of them. ;)


Well folks, your all set for your newborn session and if you accomplish these things for me, your session will go smoothly and easy! Everyone will enjoy it and the pictures will reflect it!

Looking forward to all my upcoming babies! I’m ready to get in some snuggles!!



Dani’s Headshots | Ft. Gibson, Ok Photographer

This is my sweet neighbor! She is just gorgeous and let me snap off a few pictures of her when it was warm. She had the posing down and I barely needed to instruct her on hand placement! Can’t wait till I can do her Senior pictures one day!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

She is just stunning! Love all of these shots!



Is your photographer a religious photographer?

When I go to find a photographer, I do some research. I look at their portfolio and see if their style appeals to me. If the images make me smile. I also check the all-important pricing to see if they are in my yearly family portrait budget and I even check the “about me” page…. Now my question is, do you look to see if your photographer’s faith is listed and spoken about? Does it matter to you if your photographer shares the same faith/beliefs as you?

So often I read the “about me” section on a photographers page and I read mostly of their faith and not of their love or passion for their art. Is stating your beliefs really the point you want to drive home to future clients? Now, don’t get me wrong, my faith is a LARGE part of my life and my business, I’m just not sure if its a way to attract my clients. Living in the “Bible belt” of the country, I am surrounded by faith based families and I could very easily pull at their heart strings to get their business, but I do not. That would be wrong.

Personally, I don’t think to look and see what a potential photographer hire is believing in. I look to see if the style matches my taste and if the photographer has a good reputation around town. Like any business, I look for good reviews, legit business practices, good value for price…. but faith? Nope. Not on the list.

God has blessed me in my life and business and my faith lies with him. My personal beliefs in God do not make me a better photographer. My faith only takes me part of the way. The other is all me and my free will to do my job well. My religion has a place in my personal life, my business and in all aspects of my life, but I do not want to try and get my clients based on that. I would rather them look at my work and talk to my past clients to decide if they want to hire me.

What about you? Do you feel that having your photographer share your beliefs is what makes the difference to you or does it not matter at all?